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Bruno Rainaldi has grown up on the field, starting at a very young age to work in the communication of design furniture.
Ironically he called himself a " Street designer" and his style "chaotically strict".
He is in charge of the first High-Tech in Corso di Porta Ticino , Milan. He sup... Continua a leggere »


Marcello Ziliani was born on 20th February 1963, under the sign of Pisces.
After scientific studies he graduated in architecture at the Politecnico of Milan (with Achille Castiglioni as reporter).
He's the owner of STUDIO ZETASS, an integrated structure dealing with product design, engineer... Continua a leggere »


Andrea Panzieri was born in Milan on 23rd October 1972. He qualified at the Don Bosco Institute in Graphic Design and then he took a degree in Architecture in 1997. Immediately after he passed two years in Dublin – Ireland where he studied at the National College of Art and Design and he work... Continua a leggere »


Marco Maran was born in Siena in 1963. He qualified at the art institute of Siena and attends the Florence University of Architecture. He collaborates successfully with several design companies and in 1994 obtains a special distinction at the competition Young&Design for the chair "Ciak" with... Continua a leggere »


Jorge Pensi, born in Buenos Aires in 1946, studies architecture in his home town. When he graduates in 1971 he has already begun designing furniture as a partner in an interior design business.
In 1975 he leaves Argentina, acquires Spanish citizenship and, in 1977 settles in Barcelona. Toge... Continua a leggere »


His early works dates back to the end of the Sixties with industrial design related activities.
During the Seventies and later on, he concentrated his work on furniture and objects design.
With the intent not to be fascinated by fashion, he works concentrating his creativity on searching fo... Continua a leggere »


1941 .Born at Frankfurt/Main
1961 .Engineering studies of precision instruments and mechanisms at
the superior institute of professional qualification at Frankfurt/M.
1965 .Engineer at the steam-turbine studio of Escher Wyss at Zurich
and ABB at Baden/Switzerland
1970 .Industrial-Des... Continua a leggere »


Biagio Cisotti was born in Aradeo, Lecce in 1955 and lives and works in Florence where he graduated in architecture in 1980. Since 1991 he has taught production tecnology at ISIA, the Institute of Artistic Industries, in Florence. In 1990, with a group of other Florentine architects, he found... Continua a leggere »


Paolo Grasselli, born in 1965 in the Reggio Emilia region, studied at the ISIA Industrial Design college in Florence. He has collaborated with the following names in the world of design: Alessi, Arcade, Cellular Italia, Poggi, Hoffmann Italia, Olivetti, Viro, Modo, Oliver, Updesign. Some of h... Continua a leggere »


Massimo Iosa Ghini was born in Bologna in 1959. He studied Architecture in Florence in the lively climate of radical-design and then at the University of Milan where he graduated in Architecture. In 1982 he started to draw extremely sophisticated comic strips for trendy cultural magazines suc... Continua a leggere »


Pringiers Jacob was born in 1970 in Ghent, Belgium. Spends most of her childhood in Sri Lanka, then trasferisi in Milan and follow his profession, design. Years of study in Switzerland and the United States, where he continued his studies at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. ... Continua a leggere »


is the sixties, however, that Paolo Romoli moves onto the national scene design, with productions, exhibitions and competitions. Born in '41 in the House, continues to garner great success with the design of furniture. Nell'98 was awarded the International Prize Award for excellent design. Professional activity, Paolo Romoli also supports teaching.


Orlandini Design is a new reality created by Paolo Orlandini.
In 2009 its long partnership with Roberto Lucci (started in 1968) has dissolved and now, with a young team of creative designers, continues its work as Orlandini Design. A studio where a long experience in design business has me... Continua a leggere »

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